Like food that may or may not resemble actual food? Love when things go wrong in the kitchen? This is probably the blog for you, then.

For shit this husband bakes, Jay explores his baking acumen- which is just north of non-existent- and pleads with his wife, Nadia, to offer her experienced opinion. She judges each effort and scores them on a scale of 0-10 “Cakies*” with brutal honesty. What the recipe is, Jay’s internal and external dialogue, how the baking process unfolds from start to finish, and Nadia’s verdict will be documented here on a weekly or fortnight basis.

*”Cakies” was the name given to one of the first desserts Jay tried to bake for Nadia unsupervised.** He desperately wanted some of her chocolate chip cookies. Nadia, bless her heart, was simply not in the baking mood. After much internal (and much to her chagrin, external) debate, Jay decided he was desperate enough to bake his own damn cookies. Nadia exclaimed immediately, “I am not helping at all.”

Fueled by desperation and overzealousness, Jay got to work. In this case, “work” equated to immediately modifying the recipe by trying to half the ingredients for a smaller batch and adding cocoa powder for chocolate flavored cookies. He boched the dough immediately. He managed to rope in Nadia to give some help, more or less equivalent to “warmer” or “colder” feedback about the dough appearing visually in/correct. The final result was a cake-like confectionary treat travesty. Were it not for the cream cheese frosting and rainbow sprinkles adorning them, this shoddy attempt at baking would have been deemed an utter failure. From this story, and in honor of these first-generation Cakies, sthb is born.


It is 100% certain we will see this face from Nadia again.

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